We at Absolute Grasscare care about the environment AND the long-term quality and health of your turf. We use only the highest quality products to treat and maintain our clients gardens, turfs etc. With us, you are assured of a combined 35 years of experience, which has taught us to distinguish the best quality products out there for our clients.

Services: Commercial

Sports Turf Maintenance

We take turf samples to create an analysis and create a turf maintenance plan. Alter the biological setup of your turf, initiating fertilising plans, moss & weed control throughout the year.

Commercial Maintenance

We provide a service to a high standard to keep premises looking tip top. Services include: lawn care, litter picking, jet washing, trimming & border maintenance, weed & moss killing and painting.

Customised Plans

Customised plans to suit your individual sports surface. Optional maintenance programs available.

It's all about the Science

A healthy root-zone for healthy grass must have good biology, chemistry and physics. Biology controls the chemistry and physics.

The Symbio Approach

1. Assess the grass species, root-zone profile and physical soil structure.
2. Review the chemistry and available nutrients in the root-zone.
3. Determine our customer's requirements based upon the data available and preferred management practices.
4. Advise on adjustment to the fertilisers applied to balance the soil chemistry, bring base saturation into balance and increase Cation Exchange Capacity for optimal nutrient availability and uptake.
5. Devise a programme to create and maintain healthy grass and plants growing in healthy biologically active root-zones.

Below is an example of a Turf Sample, taken at three different time periods during March-September 2017.

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