A little about us

With a combined 35 Years within the industry we at Absolute GrassCare have created a unique and cost-effective strategy to serve the South Wales sports turf and fine turf community. Having successfully exceeded industry standard results year after year we are looking to provide as much as possible for our members.

We can tailor programs to accommodate commercial contracts on basic maintenance or complete management and everything in the middle.

Absolute GrassCare understands the biological activates beneath the soil. We have made it our sole purpose to encourage the productivity of good microorganisms and fungi completing the third leg of the sports surface season cycles. 

Some of the orthodox practises are out dated, one or two even causing more problems than they are believed to be able to solve. By using the natural products we supply we have basically eliminated these practises adopting more subtle and productive methods.

By using the correct amounts of Compost-teas, fertilisers, thatch eaters and other natural chemicals combined with applications at the right time of year month by month, we believe we have mastered the art of catering for each individual surface.

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